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tv   Bloomberg  Bloomberg  December 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> from bloomberg headquarters, i am mark crumpton. this is "bottom line." we focus on the intersection of business and economics with a main street perspective. tonight's stocks soar after the november jobs report tops estimates. the unemployment rate falls to seven percent. we go inside ebay within exclusive interview. we will meet an entrepreneur who takes out her stress on the roller derby track. to our viewers here in the united states, and those of you joining us from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of the stocks and stories making headlines tonight. su keenan reports that stocks
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hauled a five-day slide on today's unexpected jobs numbers. what's begin with yang yang and washington. she has more details on the november surprise and the unemployment rate falling to a five-time -- five-year low. >> five years. the unemployment rate at seven percent in november is the lowest it has been since november of 2008. employers added jobs next work -- last month, and the increased followed a revised 2000 payrolls added for the month of october. a november report showed consistency. the u.s. added 200,000 jobs in three of the last four months. manufacturing had its best month since years. the 11ging signs for
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million americans who remain unemployed. spokes. labor secretary to bloomberg this morning and said that the jobs reports showed steady broad-based growth that would pick up if only they would act on obama's proposal for immigration reform. republicans on the budget conference committee consider letting this through. >> we recognize that when employment -- unemployment is at this level that we should help the long-term unemployed. 1.3 million people will have a lump of coal in their stockings if we don't do this. >> the date to watch there is december 28. before that, they meet on december 17 and 18. a growing number of economists surveyed by bloomberg say that
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policymakers will decide to taper. that number doubled from 17% to 34% after today's strong jobs report. still in the lead, not by much. they are putting the december taper at 50%. >> the. for more of the november jobs numbers we will take a look at our chief economist. welcome back. good to see you again. is this evidence of a sustainable economic recovery in the u.s.? >> how can it not be sustainable? we are almost four years into this. when it comes out these headlines am a and they are saying, well, maybe we will taper in a few months. we want to be sure.
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the credibility is in question. >> that is why i posed the question. it said officials are not sure, what does that say? >> i don't know what they could be thinking. increated 2.3 million jobs 2012. this year 2.1 million jobs have been created. >> it sound like you're saying, what more evidence do you want? >> it could maybe grow 2.5 million jobs. they are with think the horse pretty good. we are creating jobs anyway. >> the unemployment rate has fallen since they first began buying bonds. this today's report give the fed the evidence it needs to start scaling back monthly purchases and at the meeting that comes up on the 17 and 18 of this month? >> that is what i was waiting for. going into november, we were hopeful.
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now it came out it is true that we have three out of four months. that should be sufficient. the only thing that worries me is that not enough economists swung in the right direction. a lot of times there is a consensus building thing. i'm going to continue pushing for december tapering. >> a swansong? >> i would think this last press conference, saying things are working. there is still a role for monetary policy to play. we are going to eat back the throttle. 80 billion ag to month. that is almost nothing, right? >> they would suggest that the political uncertainty in washington did not have the effect that a lot of people but it would. is that an accurate discussion? description.and -
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>> it would suggest that. it has come back. oh. consumers are saying the same thing. plus we got consumer spending today. that was a below the mourner october. chief speaking with the economist and talking about the november jobs numbers. one of the standouts in that november report, manufacturing jobs were up i 27,000. that was the most since march of 2012. what are we looking at with the job picture going forward? is this the spark, the momentum that the economy needs to keep going? >> it could be. don't forget the manufacturing survey was very strong. manufacturing is right now ash the surveys are coming back better than they were before. construction and manufacturing are adding about 45,000 jobs of the 200,000 count.
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that means it is a broad based increase in jobs. >> when you talk about manufacturing and construction, that broad-based incentive, that is going to translate, i would imagine, into the housing market as well, i would imagine. >> one of the keys to getting the unemployment rate down -- that is why the fed keeps pushing. they want the unemployment rate comeback. we lost construction jobs during the session. jobsyear we have created back. this is evidence that construction is going to add more and more. the jobs count will stay higher. >> chief financial economist joining. good to have you. looking for job? turn to thetime to tech industry. we will have that story when bottom line continues in just one moment. ♪
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>> welcome back. let's show you how the equity markets finished the session for december 6, 2013. halting a five-day slide for the s&p 500. investors weighed the better than expected jobs growth number. now look at the numbers. the broader index was up 20 points to 1805. the dow jones industrial average 16,020.91 points to 4062.sdaq was up to su keenan is in the newsroom with the details. >> a big turnaround from the five-day stock slide. no question that better than forecast the job numbers was a big driver. >> it is strong in terms of the headlines because of job creation on the unemployment rate. it is strong in terms of how we got there. implement rote -- growth was
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broad-based. it is really good news. it is also strong in terms of earnings. when you look across the board, this is ending usually strong report. it would be welcomed by the fed. it would be welcomed by anybody. this is good for mainstream. >> among the big movers, intel gained. right aid was up after november sales. it is up more than expected. plunged almost nine percent, down almost 20% on the week, after it disclosed that the ftc -- fdic is asking about liquidity and financial holdings. sears is going to spin off. the ceo who is tried to turn sears around is thinking a spinoff will benefit investors.
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that is according to an sec filing today. -- they wouldwe allow lands and to shine. stocks fell for the eighth session. they have tried for eight years to turn the retailer around. >> sears was one of several retailers making news. what is the story with gap? >> we are seeing discounters now under pressure. an analyst downgrade drops the known of dollar stores for the discounts. he believes the chances of the bull shares are remote. a tumble -- gap took a double. and the biggest specialty store chain offered big discounts
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during that thanks giving - thanksgiving sale. >> many people are probably wondering, where can i find a job? technology could be the long- term answer. they say that computer related jobs are expected to rise by 2020. this is the founder of a computer coding school. he says there is a need for computer programmers to help boost a global, sustainable economy. he joins us now from our san francisco euro. welcome to bottom line. thank you for your time tonight. what is the answer to improving the unemployment rate? >> it is a good question. i obviously don't have the full picture for the answer. but i think a big piece of the puzzle isle that's -- that there is a huge demand.
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it breaks my heart to know that there are thousands of job openings and millions of unemployed americans. quickf the answer is programs that focus on getting american talent into these jobs. >> what is key in the evolution of education? our camps and programs like it the wave of the future? >> it is part of the future. the biggest key as that this country has a fascination with higher education, which is great. at the same time, we seem to be hypnotized with the idea or the myth that college and higher education are the same thing. i think we should scale back that idea. college is part of higher education. but there are other things we can do to get people educated and into the workplace that doesn't depend on a four year degree. i think part of this is a mental shift, shifting away from college being the solution to
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that being part of the solution of a much wider range of educational opportunities that people have. we are not trained to recognize those. >> do you think this country is doing a disservice to potential employees and potential members of the workforce i not making that distinction between college and higher education? >> absolutely. i don't think it is poorly intentioned. i think it has been decades that we got of college of higher education. but if you look at germany, where the unemployment rate is in the single digits, it is .ecause they have apprentices they have trade schools. that is not looked at as less than a degree. that is honorable. that is something people try for. what your tell us boot camp is and how it can help alleviate the problem? >> i'm glad you asked. the boot camp is a program i started a couple of years ago.
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i realize that my favorite job was working as a computer engineer at microsoft. but i only used about 10% of what i learned my degree on the job. so i thought, what if i can take that 10% and stuff it into nine weeks and put people through an intensive program? could i get him to be useful enough to keep learning on the job? i tried this experiment with 20 people last year. of them were looking for job. 16 of them had a job offer. to be clear, they were notessional -- were professional software engineers. they were just good enough that they were being a to learn on the job. they started at $85,000. >> which companies work with you to mentor students? >> we have a big camp in chicago and san francisco. we are launching in new york. we have over 200 hiring partners. we have guys who used to work in
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big companies like google and twitter. i work in medium-size companies, consultancies, and startups. >> what are the barters for women and technology, and how do you solve these gender parity issues? >> i'm glad you asked that question. it is such an important question. tech community is important. acknowledge he is eating everything on history, from education, to politics, to everything. technology is redefining our world. are hugely underrepresented in this area. that is a big problem for everyone. one of the biggest problems i think is that we are not asking ourselves this very question. there are a lot of inherent biases. many of them are well- intentioned. some of them are not well- intentioned. we need to take a very look at -- very close look at what makes our industry less attractive for
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women and minorities. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. we appreciate your perspective. >> thank you. >> up next, highlights of our special. we want to show you how e-mail -- ebay has evolved into a tech giant. our core -- our cover story, inside ebay, when we continue in just one moment. ♪
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>> all day today "bloomberg west" took us inside ebay with exclusive interviews and access. ebay survived and thrived through bubble. "bloomberg west" emily chang
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aboutwith john donahoe consumer response. >> more and more consumers are coming to ebay. they like what they see. they are telling their friends. their experience is a great one. we see consumers responding. >> for more on the cover started -- story, cory johnson joins us from the ebay's conference -- campus. say aboutohn donahoe ones.r >> he said, what is the big apple -- big deal? i've known people jones for a decade. think of amazon as walmart. think of ebay as small businesses everywhere. they have diametrically opposed
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ideas about who in the marketplace they want to support. i asked john donahoe about drone and how they got some attention for the thing. look, thisd is, isn't about fantasy future. we're doing things now to help consumers now. ebay is not what you think it is. people think of ebay as an auction site, which is what it was 30 years ago. options are 35% of the overall business. they do about three times more fixed sales than the others. their paypal business is interesting and growing. >> how important is paypal for
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ebay? >> hugely important. it is growing so much faster than the rest of the business. it had been growing at rates that were high. allebay campus we are at is paypal people, in fact. they have 13,000 people exclusively working on paypal. i asked him what they are going to do with the growth rates. i asked of the growth rates were going to continue to slow. i was surprised with what he said. check this out. >> we think we have a lot of growth ahead. mobile is growing fast. we're going to start seeing the benefits of all of our efforts in 2015 or 2016. we feel good that we can re- accelerated revenues. a reacceleration of growth for business that is doing a couple billion is an impressive feat that has rarely been done before.
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he says that paypal is going to do. >> is there an amazon ebay rivalry brewing? than growing. they are fundamentally, diametrically opposed. and they are running a lot of technology against each other. they are searching each other for lower prices. they are trying to match each other. i think that the fact that amazon got so much attention for something that they don't actually do, which is delivering , when ebay is trying to get the same attention, i think it really bothers of people at ebay. ebay nowhave an service that lets them deliver and half an hour. emily chang tried it this morning. it was cold, about 30 degrees this morning. she ordered some plus. in half anught them hour near the airport. that is an interesting business that is a ready part of the market. that is not part of the future.
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johnson, our editor-at- large. he is from the ebay campus. next, details on the funeral arrangements for nelson mandela. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back to the second half-hour of bottom line on bloomberg television. i'm mark crumpton thank you staying with us. let's check where the markets finished the session. you're with us at the bottom of decemberon this friday 6, 2013. good news for the stock market today. tocks rose sharply. and job gains were reported. that is an encouraging sign for the economy. and the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest in five years. the s&p 500 was up at 1805. the dow jones industrial
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average, rising to 16,020. the nasdaq composite index right rising at 4062. let's check some of the top stories for the hour. honorhedule of events to nelson mandela has been released. the south african president has declared it a day of her question. they'll be followed tuesday by memorial service. nelson mandela died yesterday at the age of 85 years old. he will lie in government buildings until his burial. president obama will be among the dignitaries attending the funeral. willding champion, spain, play a world cup game against the netherlands. it is a repeat of the 2010 final. they hope that brazil faces a
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relatively easy path. that is after the draw that included x ago. the united states was in the toughest group with germany, portugal, and donna. the normally sun swept texas is called. it is being called ice friday. the national weather service issued ice warnings for parts of texas, oklahoma, and six other states. minnesota and wisconsin were hit with as much as two feet of snow. in north temperatures dakota have been 40 below zero. that is a look at top stories in the news for this hour. it is a time to look at the commodities report. su keenan is in the newsroom with insight on today processor. was a bigs report driver for commodities, as it was for stocks. oil futures rose. we are seeing the biggest weekly gain since july.
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these were spectacular jobs numbers. and they ultimately support higher energy prices. he says that we are ready seeing demand picking up. he says this is the signal that it was be stronger going ahead. , as the payrolls showed that far less workers were hired. there were reports about tapering. the gold market does not like the reports. he doesn't expect a big selloff. he is a ready seen a lot of liquidation. moving on to agriculture and commodities, some hedge fund managers and others are cutting back on positions of corn. corn futures rose for the week. biggest gain in two weeks.
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coffee and oranges were also big movers, and there was a lot of focus on the fuel cut -- question. million barrels in the last week -- 28 million barrels in last week. that is big consumption. it was up attired higher than the same time last year. this leads to a real turning point for the week. there was a big jump in the refinery action. product demand is strong. -- at a peak.that it shows that analysts believe that they believe oil prices will drop next week, mainly because in the short term, we're seeing a pickup. >> su keenan, thank you. they will work throughout the weekend to try to avoid a
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shutdown. even in error agreement is coming under fire. our correspondent peter cook has more on the story. the chief budget negotiators, murray, arend patty making progress toward a deal. differences remain about the details. if they do reach a deal, the question will remain, will the agreement pass muster with her colleagues? they are working face-to-face in washington trying to resolve some of the differences. friday,adline is next december 13. but the real deadline that they face is a january 15 deadline. the government will run out of money. there's the prep shut down. it would set spending levels for two years. it it would set spending cuts. it would not involve any new tax increases or any major entitlement reforms. even at smaller deal is going to
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be challenge. they have their own set of issues and critics. one idea is the aviation security fee, hitting a passengers every time if i. the airlines don't like that. they want to see workers contribute more to their retirement plans. democrats don't like that, particularly in maryland and virginia. is timeblicans think it to and some of the benefits. if they can't reach a deal by friday, john boehner may kick the can down the road and pass a temporary spending deal that will get past the holidays. nobody like that option. but it is better than the alternative. back to you. >> tonight on political capital with al hunt, former secretary of state, dr. madeleine andight, will discuss china iran. up next, business competition can be a contact sport. we will meet one ceo who was
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taken a challenge literally. she takes on her rivals and elbow pads and skates and the pack -- in the fast-paced world of roller derby. that and more when bottom line continues in just a moment. ♪
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>> micki krimmel is the founder and ceo of she has an above throwing a few elbows to get ahead, especially should -- when she is competing against roller derby players. she has made traction in the roller derby team. she thinks that women should play a because it gives him the confidence they need to succeed in the aggressive world of business. the am micki krimmel founder of when i am not working my passion is playing roller derby.
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i am obsessed. i love the aggression. i love the competitiveness. a bubble that, i love my team. above all all that -- that, i love my team. let's neighbors share. you're constantly getting hit down, but you have to get back up again. if there are losses here in error, or setbacks, you have to get up and keep going. it is good for business. a set ofgineers have unique challenges, whether it is being underestimated by your peers or even outnumbered. i work in technology.
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and there are not many of us. if a woman is too confident, too aggressive, or too competitive, she seems not lady like. we struggle with this is women. in roller derby, you learn that being aggressive and competent and competitive is what makes you win. i think i will play until i can't play anymore. i am released -- really proud of what this sport means. i don't see any reason to stop. >> that is a serious lady. up next, we will take a look at the big movies for the holiday season and why the weekend box office numbers are looking bigger. but maybe not all of it is what it appears to be. bottom line is back in one moment. ♪
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7:45 pm ingrid city. -- bankrupt city. what happened to the rent -- b rand? >> for 30 years we lost our way.
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does a 100 and 11 year brand have what it takes to come back? hollywood studios are squeezing more dollars into their weekend box office report this year. they are doing it by adding ticket sales from thursday shows. joining me from los angeles to talk about that and the big hollywood movie season is the at an media analyst entertainment website. good to see you again. paul, how did thursday become the new friday for the box office. >> it has become the new friday. studios love to have midnight screenings on a friday, so that audiences can get in and see a movie, talk about it via the virtual water cooler on facebook
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or twitter. and by getting to see those movies early they are the first one to talk about it. it it builds buzz for the coming weekend. we love seeing these previous work to -- moved to 8:00 p.m. leading into., midnight screenings. at the end of the day, i don't inc. it affects the bottom line dollar at the end of the run. i think what is going to occur is going to occur. but that weekend is a way to get people into the year earlier. >> what are the benefits for the movie chains? atmore people in the seats 8:00, 10:00, and the night. and they have the opportunity, if the movie is playing really well, to keep it going all night long, if they want to. it is a way to build the attendance in theaters. it is not for every movie. it is only for big movies, like the hunger games -- catching fire. a lot of poor movies go at midnight. that makes a lot of sense.
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it really depends on the movie. it is really about building box office and the peers. >> is the accounting a fairway reception the movies -- moody's reception -- movie's reception? 8:00,y ran movie that 10:00, and the night. it is up to the studios have a want to do this. they are the ones who report the numbers to us and other agencies. we have to go to their numbers. if the numbers are not broken out, there is not a lot we can do about that. what we can do is report the opening weekend and a long-term risk -- success of the movie. it is up to the studios how they want to report this and the numbers. >> could this lead to unfair comparisons with earlier films? you use numbers accompanist it
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is an entourage data. >> that is right. it is the studio data. it is the numbers put out on sunday morning. the estimates are on monday. i just think it is not going to happen that often. when it does, people pointed out. asterix next the number. and with a filling the hunger games, it is doing so incredibly well, and at this point it has been out for over two weeks. it is going to do well this weekend. it is something about for the future, as to how movies are reported. they'll would've been a hit no matter how you slice the pie or how you reported. that is a huge hit, worldwide. >> let's take a look at some of the films you like the season. let's start with american hustler and saving mr. banks. what can you tell us about them? contenders, atr this point. they are totally different types of movies. american hustle is from the director of the fighter and
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silver linings playbook. bradley cooper. amy adams. it is a. piece set in the 70s -- 1970's. a lot of big mustaches. big lapels. why ties. great customs. tremendous acting. -- wide ties. mes.t costu christian bale transformed himself. he gained a lot of weight. he is the cool facial hair. a lot of these actors are like an all-star team. you have some of the best female actors in this movie and some of the best militaries. bradley cooper is great. amy adams is kind of the heart and soul the movie. jennifer lawrence and an incredible supporting role does a great job. then there is a totally different movie, saving mr. banks.
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it is about the making of mary poppins. it is a terrific movie. >> we have two sequels out, the hobbit sequel and the anchorman sequel. >> that is right. the next topic of the next week. the first topic you mount a year ago. they are following on the worldwide, milky billion dollar success of the lord of the rings. dollar successn- of the lord of the rings. it earned $300 million in north america alone. this one opens on the same release date, just one year later. that is a great strategic plan by warner bros. to have people know that these movies come out around this time of year. again, we are talking about books that of sold millions of copies. at the lord of the rings movies which have done incredibly well worldwide, and now following up on that success with the hobbit. these are movies made for the cinematic treatment and for going to the movie theater.
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and this is where you want to see the movies. it anchorman is totally different than the hobbit, in terms of the scale and scope. been 10 years since the first anchorman movie. >> i had no idea it was that long. >> yes. it has been almost 10 years. wait for this long for will ferrell in that role. rudd.broun -- and steve correll. they are back in this movie. just check your brain at the door. go see them and their friends. enjoy it. >> a man with a love of the movies. paul, it is always good to have you on the broadcast. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> when bottom line continues, encore, your guide to the biggest newsmakers of the week. we'll be right back. ♪
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3, two, one. >> president obama and the first family throwing the switch, lighting be national christmas tree. it bade it in light. the president then later singled -- mandela,andel a the beloved seven everton leader. he said, he blessed us with tremendous grace and courage. we are all privileged to live in a world touched by his goodness. the national christmas tree, it was lit tonight in washington.
7:57 pm
you encore. the most notable newsmakers from the past week, on bottom line. >> we are a long way from seeing successful logging in, making counts, getting the right information to the insurers, getting something appropriate. it would be premature for anyone to declare bakery. a lot of this is not functional. 40% of it needs to be crated from scratch. insurers are worried about their ability to get the right information. consumers may be giving it a second shot. that doesn't mean we're not -- are going to have success of the program. >> bigger and bigger discounts are needed. the environment is getting more competitive. the economic climate has not been great. ordersseeing the average down about 10% year-over-year. there are quite a bit more orders that are giving a strong growth. what you're seeing is a lot of
7:58 pm
people fighting for the market share. >> we have not had major tax reform in almost 30 years. since to put that in perspective, that is when microsoft went public. it has been a long time. -- when tapering both the tapering begins it will give relief to the market. they have been remarkably accurate and how it is dealt with the economy. we were the only strategists that said they would taper on september 18. we are beginning to think they will not taper in march, as a result of the fact that the bond market appears to be preempting a fed taper. >> it was a program started under bush, continued under obama, and it is been brought down. i don't know what the right number of weeks is. but i do know that the 1.3 million american people who are getting unemployment benefits,
7:59 pm
having that stuff, is bad politics and that policy. was going to interview nelson mandela. a got canceled. i was brokenhearted. i am even more brokenhearted now. that was what was really fun. everyone lay claim to him. he was one of those leaders. >> we did learn this evening that president obama did speak by phone with nelson mandela's widow. we are learning from the associated press that at least three american presidents will forel to south africa memorial services. they will travel next week to pay their respects. they will be joined on air force one i former president george w. bush and laura bush. they gracefully accepted the invitation from the obama's. former president bill clinton also saying he planned to travel to south africa. as we leave you this evening, a look at the iconic empire state
8:00 pm
building in new york city lit up in the colors of the south african flag in tribute to the late nelson mandela. i am mark crumpton. that is it for bottom line. have a great weekend. i will see you next time. ♪


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